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"Why Should Customer Purchase Makrana Marble"

Makrana Marble does  not damage even after longer  time. Its shine increase, with time. Makrana Marble neither become black nor yellow. According to VASTU Makarana Marble is very useful for Health .It Helps in Increasing in eye Sight by Walking on it without Sleepers or Shoes. It is always cool even in summer Or Winter. Makrana Marble is used In many Temple, Masjid, gurudwara. Church & many more buildings. These buildings are remain beautiful even after such a long time.  

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Welcome To Gour Marble

Gour marble have own mines of white marble. We produce white marble from our mines in Blocks. After mining the stone have been sent to our factories, there that Block customize in a shape and after it does ready for carving and other handicraft art. That stone convert to part of temple. After it all that stone use for temple work.